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Long time, no see ;) Everything is fine, starting up a new business parallel to the art/architectual business. This is giving me new energy that's reflecting on everything I do. Except from that I've done more housing design, restaurant design and object design. Will post pictures when I got more time.


The first sign of life for a very long time, it means that I've been busy. The Gothenburg Book Fair went well and a third spin-off of the Bologna Fair Exhibition went to Vänermuseet in  Lidköping where it's going to open in the end of March. Currently I'm working with an exhibition for Norrbottens Länsmuseum on the topic of TBC, historical and updated. It's a very exiting and interesting assignment. If everything goes as planned I'm going to do architectual oriented projects both in Bruxelles and London, more details to come. 


Not that good at updating the site, no good excuses except for a lot of things going on. Bologna was really fun and the result was really good, the response from the exhibiting artists and the audience was fantastic. I will post some snap-shots from the exhibition. Currently working with a spin-off from Bologna together with a new assignment from Läsrörelsen for the Bookfair in Gothenburg in September


An hectic autumn turning towards winter, the Handicraft exhibition at Liljevalchs turned out to be a massive success, ca 74 563 visitors and the leaf auction gave 499 551 SEK to forest projects in Africa. I will be the artistic director and designer for an illustrator exhibition when Sweden is host for the worlds biggest Children book fair in Bologna 2013. A very exiting assignment. I will work for the Swedish Art Council and in collaboration with designer, graphic designer and project leader Mats Hedman. I visited the Bologna Fair a couple of weeks ago to check out the exhibition space. The exhibition will present 31 of Swedens most talented illustrators of childrens books.


A little time for vacation and time to reflect. The handicraft exhibition at Liljevalchs is running great with a record breaking 5 500 people at the opening in the beginning of June. An exhibition with a lot of energy and creativity, try to see it before it ends in the beginning of September. Spending a little more than a year of work on a project like this gets you to think on the aspects of time. It has been fun and rewarding, met a lot of interesting and talanted people but it also occupies your head to at least 95% and a lot of thoughts and "want to do's" are put on hold. Got a couple of challenges and interesting projects coming up, will be back on that subject. Posting some pictures from the exhibition for the moment. One other thing, I was asked to do the artwork for an English artist, Duncan Reid (former member of the legendary punkband The Boys) solo album "Little Big Head". I really like working with graphic design also:) A couple of days ago I came back from London having met with Duncan and he was very happy with my work. The album will be released soon.


The autmn and the early winter have been packed with work, I've finished the work with The Jan Lööf exhibition that have been a huge sucess, both the kids and the grown-ups loved it! Next stop for the exhibition will be Dunkers House of Culture in Helsingborg. I will post some photos from the exhibition. The work with the Swedish Handicraft exhibition is progressing, it will include a collective piece of art consisting of 2000 "leafs" forming 100 trees (one for every year). The leafs are the work of 2000 creative persons or collectives that signed up for this art project. Every technique in the handicraft movement will be represented. I can't wait to see the result:)
The Key will attend it's first marriage fair at the end of january. We are looking forward to meet potential owners of The Key.


Almost feel like summer is here already. The last months has been hectic. The Jan Lööf exhibition in Gothenburg is progressing and I also started the work with a new big assignment, I will design the exhibition Swedish Handicraft 100 Year at Liljevalchs Konsthall. Lijevalchs Konsthall is a beautiful Art venue situated in Stockholm.


Still freezing cold, third real winter in a row. Started the new year by launching a new project and web site. I've developed an idea that I started in a small scale 15 years ago.
It is a very special gift used for confirming marriages, partnerships or friendships. I named it The Key, visit the web site for more information 


Freezing cold, winter came early this year. Just finished the pre planning for the Filadelfia project, we will start building in May 2011, exicting. Jonas and I also finished the renovation of Tranan Bar, it came out good.
I will be working for Göteborgs Konstmuseum (Gothenburg Art Museum) during 2011, I will design an exhibition about the cartoonist, artist, muscian Jan Lööf. The exhibition will open in September 2011 and after that it will be displayed at Kulturhuset in Stockholm, additional places are yet to be confirmed.


At the moment I'm working with the Filadelfia Church in Stockholm to upgrade the seatings and building a new stage. It's actually the biggest concert hall in Stockholm with room for over 2000 sitting guests. I'm also just started planning for the renovation of Tranans Bar in Stockholm, as before I will be working with Jonas Bohlin on this project.
I also finished the drawings for a house to be built on an island in the archipelago of Gothenburg.

At The Moment 2009-09-14

At the moment Im working with Stadsmissionen and the upstart of their new campaign Utsatthet that's kicking off at the Book Fair in Gothenburg in the end of this month. I also continue to work with Bondelid and their collaboration with The Casbah. I've also added some pictures from Millesgarden showing the new sign and communication program that I've designed for the sculpture garden.

At The Moment 2009-05-06

At the moment I've updated the CV section and added some more photos showing objects and projects, I will continue to "fill in" these section now that I got a easy-working tool for that thanks to Mr. Joa Palmér at Input Output Design.

At The Moment 2009-03-07

At the moment I'm working with different projects at Millesgården, the home of the world famous sculptor Carl Milles (1875-1955). I also continue the collaboration with Bondelid. A side of this I've started to develop some of the design ideas that piled up through the last year.

At the moment 2008-05-20

At the moment I’m working with The Vasa Museum, I’m designing an adventure room for disabled kids, it’s a very interesting and challenging job, the opening will be in November-08. I’ve just finished an interior for the fashion brands Bondelid, Claes-Göran and Britt-Inger. Their new office and store is situated at Fridhemsgatan 45, Stockholm.
I also have several on going projects with Millesgården, the home of the famous sculptor Carl Milles that also includes a museum for contemporary art. During 2007 I’ve worked with the interactive event S.I.M.E., finished two restaurant interiors etc. etc. This will be displayed in the poorly updated photo section sometimes in the near future.
The traveling exhibition After The Tsunami ended it’s 2 year long journey through Sweden at the Etnographic Museum in Stockholm, december 2007.

This is all for now.

Hosta - En sjuk historia
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